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J01 – New Year’s Run

It seems like Juneathon 2015 has only just ended a moment ago and here we are, in January 2016, with a new Janathon kick off.

I was slacking like hell this past fall. Not that I would be sitting in the corner doing nothing but there were just too many non-running duties to fulfill. I know, I know, it is always about priorities…. so here I am, tired but predetermined to make this Janathon work. So far I managed to finish off all the ones I participated in so lets do my best this time again.

For this Janathon, I haven’t had time to think of any topic or certain line to follow. I guess I will just try to steal some time each day and run or do fitness or perhaps even ski :-).

Dear fellow Janathoners, happy 2016 to all of you and may all your running adventures and trails end well!


Day 1: 5 km run.

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6 thoughts on “J01 – New Year’s Run

  1. Hi Phil, good to see you too. Seems like you are addicted to this too :-).

  2. Dobry zacatak, at to jde i dal! 🙂

  3. Kudos to you! You are amazing! Full house, season started …. and you did not forget Janathlon!:)..respect!
    Cheers, 12:)

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