April Runs

… hikes, kickbikes, skis and more

JUD15 – Half way

Dark and rainy day in the mountains (and a running nose) allowed for 45 minutes of fanatic spinning while listening to whatever I could find on YouTube to pump me up. Obviously, this sunny picture of Birke (Betula) was not taken today…  

20150607_121340Being a national tree of Russia (with estimated 10 million hectares across the territory of the former USSR), this must be a strong plant. And again, a needful one in folks medicine.

Several researches on the meaning of the light/white color of the bark have been made. In the USA and in Canada, researchers painted the bark brown to find out that (1) the trees became more vulnerable to wounds and (2) the surrounding temperature increased. We are left to believe that the color is important for the adaptability of birch trees in northern areas.

Stats half way though: Ran/walked/biked: 26/14/60 km.

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