April Runs

… hikes, kickbikes, skis and more

JUD1314 – Weekend family hikes

Our current weekend hikes are not the most demanding trips when it comes to speed or length of walking but certainly tough when it comes to logistics. What will the weather be like? Which shoes to give the kids? Buggy yes or no? Sun tan or a winter cap or both? When will they sleep and where? What do we eat and where? Every time I am truly impressed that V manage to pack all the needful stuff and commands us to GO…

There were 2 plants we saw a lot: Sumpf-Storchschnabel (Geranium palustre) and Gamander-Ehrenpreis (Veronica chamaedrys).



Both very common around Europe and both widely used in folks medicine. They help to fight diarrhea, urinary infections, skin rushes…

For Juneathon, I logged two hikes and some spinning.

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