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JUD08 – Finally!

When the kids woke me up at 4.56 this morning, I knew this would be a loooong day. By 8 pm I was ready to go to bed, it was raining cats and dogs and I could hear the thunder nearby…. By 9.30 pm, after a strong coffee, I finally went out, running.

On my way along the river, I could smell the famous hermaphrodite in the dusk: Schwarzer Holunder (Sambucus nigra).


(Yes, this is how dark it was). The holunder can be used in many ways. Parts of it can be processed to eat, to drink, to heal wounds with, to help in scientific experiments… and it grows everywhere. 4000 years BC Hippokrates already referred to it as to the ‘healing berry’. And Harry Potter’s most powerful wand is made of it, too!

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2 thoughts on “JUD08 – Finally!

  1. to muselo bejt ale krásný ráno 🙂

  2. Jj, takovejch my tu mame tejdne nekolik :-). Ostatne, v rijnu tomu neuniknes!

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