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JUD0607 – Family weekend

The older I get the more I enjoy spending time with ‘my people’ so on Saturday we took the kids swimming and on Sunday we went to a ‘real hike’ again, to the mountains. Turns out that one of our girls has a vertigo in the chair lift and the other one is addicted to beach balls (which she tries to steal).

On the topic of the local flora, we walked along a meadow with Alpine orchids or Knabenkräuter. In Greek mythology, Orchis was the son of a nymph and a satyr. During a celebratory feast for Bacchus, Orchis committed the sacrilege of attempting to rape a priestess, resulting in his being torn apart by wild beasts, then metamorphosing into this slender and modest plant.


And since we are in ancient Greece, lets look at the etymology of another name: Windröschen (Anemone). Apparently, the anemone sprang from the tears of Venus when she wept for Adonis:

Where streams his blood there blushing springs a rose

And where a tear has dropped, a windflower blows.


5 km walking/hiking/stroller pushing….

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2 thoughts on “JUD0607 – Family weekend

  1. 12Honzade on said:

    Je zajimavy, ze tento rok zapisku vyjevil tvoje botanicke sklony..:)… O to “prekvapivejsi” se muze zdat, ze si vzpominam na “sve botanicke” detstvi:)… Ta prvni vypada jako klasicky vstavac majovy, aneb “kukacka”.. u tech pryskyrnikovitych (a sasanek obzvlast) se tesim, az sem das nejake ty alpske druhy, ktere maji velke kvety..:)…
    Jjo, alpska kvetena je zajimava.. Tak at ji co nejvic objevujes pri cestach a behu “do Hory”..:). MSF! At nam to beha! 12:)

    • JJ, ja taky krisim matne vzpominky na botanicky oddil Alcedo… kdeze lonske snehy jsou, resp. snehy minuleho stoleti. Alpske druhy, podobne jako kamziky v zivotni velikosti, na svych vybezich v okoli naseho domu potkavaji zatim jenom Strakovi :-).

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