April Runs

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JUD04 – Mountain summer

… has started. No progress on my back side so at least some linguistic feed for today, Seifenkräuter (Saponaria):


Besides its common use as a soap substitute (ever been camping before?), I found two interesting facts about this meadow plant:

– its roots are poisonous for fish, and, ITB members read carefully:

– the flowers are sometimes added to beer to create a thicker foam.

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4 thoughts on “JUD04 – Mountain summer

  1. plustenner on said:

    amazing facts about such a pretty flower

  2. Je hezky, ze i v cestine tahle nenapadna kvetina ma skvele jmeno.. mydlice lekarska.. pouziti k vyrobe primitivniho mydla, ritualnich samponu a .. k lepsi pene piva_ “0..
    nema chybu..
    Malokdo si dneska predstavi zalit svarenou destovou vodou jakekoliv casti rostlivy a umyvat se tim.. ale byl to v urcitych dobach skvely prostredek..:)
    Diky, ze sem prinasis i tyhle podnety.. 12:)

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