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JUD02 – Shame on me

Hurt my lower back this morning when lifting the kids. Anything more to add to this? No. Can I get more pathetic? No.

The one positive thought came from V.: “Skip running for a while and when it stops hurting, double the mileage and/or run twice a day.” I guess that is the only way to retain some dignity :-(.

Today yet another all round meadow beauty: Wiesen-Klee (Trifolium pratense) or simply red clover. Never knew that finding one with 2 leaflets (rather than the common three or lucky four) has a meaning too: a new lover in sight! And never knew what a beast this plant is, see Wikipedia: “Dietary amounts of red clover are safe, but medicinal quantities may cause rash-like reactions, muscle ache, headache, nausea, vaginal bleeding in women, and slow blood clotting.”


No running tonight, just aching in my bed…

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10 thoughts on “JUD02 – Shame on me

  1. To se stane, hlavu vzhůru, za pár dní budeš fit!

    • Diky, diky, dneska rano se mi podarilo bez pomoci natahnout ponozky, cili jdeme dobrym smerem! I kdyz uz me – i diky tobe – napadal bosobeh :-).

      • Martina on said:

        Mno, to bys byla hodne drsna 🙂 Ja myslim, ze bosobeh toho dokaze vylecit skutecne hodne, i kdyz natazenym svalem na zadech si zrovna jista nejsem 🙂

      • Ber to jako napul zert… i kdyz ty horsky louky jsou podobne lakavy jako plaz (jedina zajimava vec na zivote v Holandsku)…

  2. Renča on said:

    Jaj tak to mě mrzí. Ale vydrž, prťka, vydrž 🙂 Držíme palce a učíme se s tebou! 🙂

  3. Vsak je dobre se z toho.. nepo..tento:).. ono to dozenes.. a kdyz ne? tak se zase tolik nestane.. vzdyt to nedelas “v ukolu”:). MSF! .. a s rozumem! 12:)

  4. No shame at all on you, I’m sorry to hear about your lower back. Rest up and like V said, come back with a vengeance when you’re better. Sorry I’ve been a stranger, hope you’re well 🙂 x

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