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How to recognize a friend

My mother in law is ill and V. with the kids are spending these weeks with her. This means I was left somewhat orphaned here in Niedernsill. Luckily there is always a lot of work to do…. and there are friends who won’t let me down.

As the matter of fact, these past days have not been lonesome but truly amazing and full of demonstrations of real friendships.

It all started when a few days ago,  I received a shoe box shaped package through snail mail. Shoes inside would be boring, the content was much better than that: Mama v behu was sending me books to read (as she knew I was either alone at home or traveling on night trains and buses. She even added a herbal cream against sore feet.

Then Alma, the Plustenner, sent me the kindest email.

Then Liska came by and brought even more books and wine.

And finally 12Honza and Dana arrived to spend the entire weekend in Niedernsill…. not by running or hiking or skiing. No. They came to work in our garden.

As we were unloading their car the first night, fruit trees and garden tools were filling up the garage. And the next morning, just as if we knew each other for ever, we naturally changed to our working clothes and spent the entire weekend by mowing, raking, planting, pruning and cutting…



20150502_142332 20150502_205637We talked a lot. And drank. And enjoyed our time together. At one point, we were sitting with a drink listening to Running Shadow‘s own voice through Honza’s phone… As if the ITB headquarters was right there in our living room in Austria.

And as the time was passing, I realised how fortunate I was by knowing such wonderful people who somehow sense when I need help and faultlessly serve the right medicine.

Guys, friends, thank you for being there for me and I hope I can pay you back one day.

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8 thoughts on “How to recognize a friend

  1. Liska on said:

    Tvoji pohostinnost by nevyrovnal ani plny kufr knizek. Bylo to moc fajn,diky.Treba priste dojde i na beh 🙂

  2. Renča on said:

    🙂 Pěkný. Věřím, že to potěší. A brigádníci se vždycky hodí 😀 Měj se krásně, odpočívej 🙂

  3. No bylo to neskutecne prijemny… Siroke udoli s vysokymi stity hor pusobi desne uklidnujicim dojmem stejne jako vas penzion.. Budu na navstevu vzpominat se slzou v oku:).. Byl jsem na dovolene se Sluneckem, dle jejich predstav.. a jeste me sama o sobe poslala vybehnout do “Hory”..:).. nema chybu. Nesim se na letni navstevu!
    MSF! 12:)

    • Se slzou v oku ja vzpominam hlavne na tu silenou parbu – v nasem veku to snad ani uz neni zodpovedne :-). Bylo to neskutecne skvely a ja mam ted zavazek postarat se o svestky a pristi rok sklizet, nakladat,…. a zas je dat do obehu v kapalne forme.

  4. slunecko on said:

    tekuty svestky ??? radsi zustanu u toho skvelyho vysokostupnovyho piva,uz tak jsem rano mela problem se naklanet nad ty zahony 🙂
    nicmene naprosto bajecny a dokonaly 3 dny- diky!!!

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