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Different ultra

The past days have been so hectic again. I spent a lot of time on the road (in trains and long distance buses) and abroad. One example being an 18 hour trip by 7 different trains from Niedernsill to Tilburg last Sunday. Or what I call My Private Ultra. Departed from Niedernsill on Sunday at 2 pm. Instead of sleepy night trip and feeling-sorry-for-myself moments, I utilised the numerous change overs and filled the time gaps by geocaching. Walked 12 km through dark cities and funny enough, arrived to the final destination on Monday morning quite rested.

As often, it is running (or walking when showers are not available) that provides some anchor in these uneasy times. And geocaching. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.


Night cache at Dusseldorf Hbf






Early Dutch morning

One should never ever give up. Never.

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3 thoughts on “Different ultra

  1. Přesně tak! Jak to říkal Dvanáctka? Až lidstvo vymře, ty budeš ráno nastoupená s lopatou, abys je zahrabala? Tak asi tak… Keep strong, keep it goin’!

  2. Advid on said:

    Super maskování keše. 🙂

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