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Cross Country

Life Without A Plan is good. Suddenly, many new ideas come up and I am open to them. Like cross country skiing which I am picking up after 20 years (!). Last Sunday, I re-discovered the 1000 m loop around Uttendorf lake and some other parts of the Pinzga Loipe.  And last night, as I was running in the neighborhood,  I saw that even our very own Badesee here in Niedernsill has a skating track around it and 4-5 lamps that keep it (sort of) enlightened.

20150216_210754 20150216_210108

Tonight after the dinner I will check it out with skis rather than with running shoes.

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4 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. Změna je (někdy) potřeba! Držím palce a přeju hodně síly v běhu i v odklízení sněhu 🙂

  2. Tak co? Jaký to bylo?

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