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My Plan is No Plan

The chaos and work load of the past months seems to be increasing, or at least not getting any less. My running suffers from that, however, I tend to spend more time with all kinds of physical activities than I did before. Last night we went for the evening skiing again – we try to do that anytime we find a baby sitter. And of course there is still the snow shoveling, day after day after day…

Looking back at my running in 2014, I started the year with 200+ running km/month. This now sounds like a sweet fantasy. Pitiful volumes below 100 km/month won’t get me anywhere. But one should never give up so I won’t! As always, day by day, I will try to squeeze some physical activity in the daily routine. There might be less running but hopefully not less time spent.



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2 thoughts on “My Plan is No Plan

  1. 12Honzade on said:

    Moc fandim.. Vzpominam na jeden z vtipnych fejetonu, ktery rikal, ze jeho konickem je, ze nema zadneho konicka..:).. Aby (bylo to v dobe socialistickeho nedostatku), nahodou nadsenemu rybarovi nechybel prut, cyklistovi kolo…:)
    You are damn good.. 100km given all circumstances? It sounds like 500+ for a normal-life person:).. Cheers, 12:)

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