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JD31 – See you in June!

Can’t believe the whole month passed by! Where did it go? What did I do? Well, sadly – not much running. My January mileage equals the ‘I-am-almost-delivering’ times and yet I am not dissatisfied. Throughout the entire month, I was cross training like a mad woman – as long as snow shoveling counts. So here is the statistics:

Running: 79 km

Bike: 92 km

Skiing: 53 km

Walking: 6 km

Cross training: 18 hours

TOTAL: 38.4 hours of exercise

So, my dear fellow Janathoners, thank you for all your support, enjoy winter and spring and I am already looking forward to seeing you in June!

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11 thoughts on “JD31 – See you in June!

  1. Já to tu jen tak tiše sleduji, většino mi jen spadne čelist obdivem a nezmůžu se na komentář. Ale stydím se, takže konečně píšu komentář 🙂 a pořád nevím, co napsat. Prostě respect!

  2. plustenner on said:

    wow, well done to you xxx

  3. no já doufám, že dřív! a samozřejmě pochvala za leden. na to, kolik ti napadlo VBS, jsi Janathon zvládla bravurně.

  4. See you in june, hopefully it will be warmer and lighter!

  5. In general .. big respect!
    When I run for a few hours and I have some doubts.. I always think of you… Friendship in fight, friendship in faith.. As we believe that every run is the “one” ..
    Let me cite our joint friend “Running Shaddow”.. [this quote is BTW on my wall next to my computer screen..]..
    …In my opinion, every run counts. Training-wise, some of such runs may not be worth much, but in the big scope of things the runs like today are absolutely essential. I always feel stronger and more confident knowing that I indeed can overcome such difficulties and resist the temptation to call it a day without running. Sometimes later, you will look into a mirror (provided you have any doubts) and see the runner inside, not because you run when the weather is nice and you are fresh and have all the spare time at hand, but because you got out when it is difficult, when it hurts and when you want to quit – but you don’t….

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