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JD28 – Evening runs

in the snow are not bad at all. Especially when one may enjoy the refreshing company of another (talkative) runner. J must have been very cold tonight but did not complain at all. Yet another 4 miler through a crispy white landscape. Three last day to complete this year’s Janathon!


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4 thoughts on “JD28 – Evening runs

  1. Mně nebyla zima ani trochu! Teda, trochu jo (to ty prasklé spodní teplé), zmrzlá jsem vylezla ale až z tý hodně vlažný sprchy 🙂

  2. plustenner on said:

    we have had a sprinkling of snow here, and it is total chaos on the roads 🙂 can you imagine if we had as much as where you are 🙂

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