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JD26 – I don’t like Mondays, however….

This afternoon I was still in the middle of some work while a message popped up on my screen: ‘Would you care for a run tonight?’ I know this does not sound too interesting for many of you but for me, living in the middle of nowhere with no runners around, this message could have been coming from the outer space and I would be less surprised… and then I realised it was J. who stays just one floor above us this week :-).

Short after 8 pm (the master plan included calming down of 4 kids) we sealed the symbolic friendship between the Czech and the Austrian section of the iThinkBeer running club drinking club with a running problem and hit the road. She with a headlamp for the first time ever, I with a running buddy for the first time… in several months.

I have to admit: What a feeling! To talk, to listen, adjust pace, be next to somebody else while running. Nice freezing 6 km.


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2 thoughts on “JD26 – I don’t like Mondays, however….

  1. Bylo to BOŽÍ!!! Doufám, že zítra dáme celý ten slibovaný okruh (jestli se po dnešním kopci (máte tu dokonalý kopce!! Tři a půl kilometru vzhůru a konec byl stále v nedohlednu… ach!) teda hnu… :-P)

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