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JD22 – Happy hour

One short email in my inbox this morning predetermined today’s Janathon’s activity: the local ski slope was supposed to re-open for the evening skiing again. One phone call (instant babysitter order) further we knew it was our time again!

Of course the girls did not want to go to bed and of course there was a never ending amount of urgent work… but nothing could stop us and we made it to the parking lot under the slope by 8 pm. There were signs of Happy hour everywhere – but what kind of Happy hour was this? The answer waited at the cashier: tonight was the one-night-in-the-season when the evening skiing only cost EUR 1 per person!

Well, dear reader, add the fact that there were NO OTHER SKIERS there and the lift was operating only for us and we had the entire slope all for ourselves and call me a lucky girl!

It took us less than 2 hours to entirely exhaust ourselves… and then we drove home, showered, logged and blogged :-).

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2 thoughts on “JD22 – Happy hour

  1. Wow that’s sounds and looks like an awesome evening – quite romantic as well I would imagine if it wasn’t so cold!

  2. Well, we were dressed warm ;-). What can I say . It was really good. One of those evenings that you think about even after many years.

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