April Runs

… hikes, kickbikes, skis and more

JD21 – At home

Long and demanding day that included one hospital visit (nothing serious), lots of work, heavy frost and… the necessity to blog about something. By 9 pm I was still not done with my work so little after that I came to the living room for a short break. The kids’ lego and wooden blocks and many other toys were all over the carpet. I started tidying up and noticed the blue exercise ball again. As I was already down on my knees, I grabbed the ball and started exercising. V was watching me from the sofa and then showing me some really cruel positions (I am not a good planker, there is no core in me!). As there were 2 of us, it was even kind of fun. Happy to have logged at least 20 minutes of physical activities… and then back to the PC. Your couch potato.

couch potato

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