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JD18 – Kids and horses

Woke up into a perfect white morning, shoveled snow (one hour workout) , made a couple of breakfasts and headed to Uttendorf for a horse parade: horses, sledges, gluhwein, snow, happy kids (another workout when pulling the double sledge)…

DSC_0005 DSC_0014 DSC_0023 DSC_0047

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14 thoughts on “JD18 – Kids and horses

  1. What fabulous scenery!

  2. nadhera..

  3. Beautiful. Love the horse pictures

  4. Gluhwein is my favourite – sounds like you earned it!

    • Yeah! Nothing beats a mug of hot gluhwein. Come to taste some!

      • I might take you up on that offer one of these days – plustenner and I are known for our half marathon tourism…

      • Hmmm, let me think: 1/2M in Salzburg? First weekend in May? About one and half hour drive from us. Beautiful city – and of course a long weekend in our guest house! It would be cool to meet you in in person!

      • Might have to get that sorted for next year – too close to VLM for me this year! I’ll talk to alma…

      • Oh true, VLM… certainly we cannot jeopardise your season top! However, think about it: we are open all year long and I would love to host some fellow Janathoners! Think barbecue, wine, some running, more wine,…. :-).

      • Sounds like my kind of break. Have already mentioned it to Alma and she likes the idea for next year too! Is your place the link on your blog?

      • Really? That sound really great. If it fits your schedule, I would be happy to accompany you e.g. to Salzburg 1/2M. Logistically, it would be fun to drive to Salzburg together in one car. Yes, the link is to our guesthouse but please don’t judge the website, we are just about to launch a new one :-). Please feel free to email us. Excited already!

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