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JD10 – Weak week

Yesterday the cold stroke back. I am afraid I am not cured yet. Never mind, life goes on so we went for a walk with the kids today and on top of it, there was again snow to shovel.

Janathon is in its third and I have a very sad statistics when it comes to volumes – I even took 2 days off when the cold was at its worst. Having said that, I score well when it comes to the variety of activities:

– building a snowman
– snow shoveling
– running
– walking
– spinning
– skiing


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5 thoughts on “JD10 – Weak week

  1. plustenner on said:

    I think you are amazing to even go out in that snow! I would not have 🙂 lovely picture of your two gorgeous girlies

    • Thank you, the girls are fun – they now start commenting on EVERYTHING we do… amazing and tiresome at the same time :-). Keep on going – YOU are amazing with your training plan and endurance !

  2. Those wintry activities are tough must count as double

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