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JD03 – Infra Red

What kind of winter is this anyway? Let me recap: This is January, we live at 800 m above see level and it is raining! As most of you, I am running out of time quite badly so today, there was another quick spinning session (30 minutes) followed by an infra red sauna. Turns out that we have one in our new house :-).


So here I am, sitting in a little wooden house amazed how warmth is being created by the light, thinking of the cold rain out there and wondering how my fellow Janathoners are doing?


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7 thoughts on “JD03 – Infra Red

  1. Nijak.Snaha pripojit se k Janathonu skoncila 1.1.vecer,kdy me skolila viroza.Od te doby jsem v posteli,taky je tu vedro,ale vystacim si s topenim vlastního tela 😦 Ale z pod periny sleduju,jak ti to jde a drzim palce.

  2. plustenner on said:

    what is a infrared sauna? soumds awesome

  3. Basically, it works similar to regular sauna but takes less time and space. It does not warm you by warming the air around you first, it goes straight to the body.

  4. Ooh infrared is the new thing – Gwynnie has even blogged about it on Goop. Get you, all up with the celebs!

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