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JD02 – Home fitness

Got up at 6.00 this morning and by the time my day duties were all taken care of, it was 10 pm. The snow turned into freezing rainy during the evening and it was simply impossible to get out of the door without breaking legs. So instead of running, I went to say hello to an old friend:

DSC_0028This resulted in 30 minutes of watching news while spinning. This is the thing I love about Janathon: If it was not for this virtual challenge, I wouldn’t have bothered.

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2 thoughts on “JD02 – Home fitness

  1. Well… You are really good! I have to say.. Respect! Nothing but respect!
    I know what else is on your “plate”…:).. It’s motivating for me, while struggling with my bad time management, … laziness, .. I always think what you are doing and .. and.. I do my very best!
    Thanks and cheers, 12:)

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