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JD01 – Fourth running year

Janathon celebrates its 5th year but as I only started running in 2012 and E was born in 2013, this will be my third.

Last year, I managed to run 200+ km in January and hoped that this trend would continue to make it to 2000+ in a year. Unfortunately, the final number shows 1699. We have moved several times, we started a new business in a new country and to be honest, the girls are becoming a hand full with the day. No reason to complaining: I joined some challenges (running staircases and hills) as well as races, traveled and remained healthy throughout the year. All in all, I had a good time. But 2014 is history and it is time to look ahead:

At 6 am this morning, I was out there in the snow and clocked my first 5 km of Janathon 2015. After that a long cross training – with a snow shovel.


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6 thoughts on “JD01 – Fourth running year

  1. Chris Dahl on said:

    already 4?   

  2. Hi there! Yes – time flies when you are having fun… Good luck with Janathoning!

  3. Nice to see you again! Good start!

  4. Hi Phil, likewise! Feels like meeting old friends… or am I getting too sentimental???

  5. plustenner on said:

    wow, I can’t believe she will be 2 soon! Sounds like you have had a hectic year, wish you well with the new business. 1699 is still brilliant running

    • The kids grow like cabbage. I always thought people exaggerate when they say it but OMG, they are getting older and changing every day. And somehow, I feel like I am having less free time than when they were babies. But may be that is normal?

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