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Dark and cold and dreary…

Longfellow said it much earlier – but even on days like these one has to run. And I do not want to repeat the mileage agony of past November. So here I am, at 6.30 a.m…

20141130_07030420141130_071004 20141130_071014 20141130_072032 20141130_072401 20141130_072736

And back home the little people fight for breakfast:


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6 thoughts on “Dark and cold and dreary…

  1. Marcela on said:

    Ten návrat domů je skvělý:-) To se musí běhat samo i v té tmě a zimě…

  2. No tak, ze by uplne samo, to zase neeeee, ale obcas to pomuze k negativnim splitum :-). Po obratce vetsinou zrychlim…

  3. Jsi drak 🙂 Držím pěsti, ať to šlape k tvojí spokojenosti a holky jsou teda boží – super fotka!! 🙂

  4. plustenner on said:

    well done!! you are an inspiration xx

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