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No post in November?


And silly as it sounds, almost no running either. I have managed to get out for some early morning short runs but somehow did not even make it to 100 km this month. This means that currently I am running less than I was 3 months before giving birth :-(.

Life is about priorities. ‘Not having time’ in fact means ‘not wanting to make time’ for some particular activity. This fall, I am deliberately shifting my running minutes in favor of all kinds of family and business matters. It is temporary and I know that I will be back on track but believe me, it sucks.

Those early morning short runs all take place before 7 am, in complete darkness, and they are not fun. I try to add some fitness time to it but it is as if the days are getting shorter all the time.



Awaiting happier days!

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6 thoughts on “No post in November?

  1. ..no jo, že bych taky něco napsal…? 🙂

  2. je to docasny. mas dulezitejsi veci na praci a den neni nafukovaci. veselejsi dny jsou na dohled, vydrz 🙂

  3. plustenner on said:

    winter is really tough to run – so why do I keep entering spring marathons LOL

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