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Instead of racing…

I was supposed to be in Plasy today. My 2014 ‘racing season’ would culminate by the trail 1/2M, a race that many of my fellow bloggers were attending… which promised some serious beer drinking and a proper after party. As we all know, with two little children there is no way to stick to any plan…chaos

Since I still wanted to run today, I forced myself out of bed at 6.20 – my usual get up time on week days – and gathered my running gear. I have been fighting with myself lately – somehow I cannot find the proper motivation for longer runs. My usual midweek 7-8 k’s are fine but whenever the run should become longer, somehow it does not feel the way it used to. No idea why is that as my body does not send any negative signals, quite the contrary – no muscle ache nor any other pain at all. Is this laziness? Or am I getting too old?
To my credit, I overcame my laziness and poured fresh water into my camelbag, grabbed some fruit sugar and within 5 minutes I was outside the door and moving. My plan was anything above 12 k, ideally around 20. It was a lazy morning with mist in the valley and I felt like the only person alive. As usually, the first 3-4 k were a sheer torture but little by little my face lightened up and after half an hour of dreaming about my warm and soft bed I realised that I was actually enjoying the run. At about 8 k mark I picked some fresh mint for the tea and turned back to run home. Nice and easy 16 k but still, the joy wasn’t quite there. No idea what to do about it.CIMG3052

Oh, and one more thing, especially for Leona: as I was looking for banana’s in our local supermarket, this is what I bumped into (the tiny letters read: “Power seeds for the ascetic runner”) – and yes, I admit, I couldn’t resist to buy one package to experience the magic myself.

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5 thoughts on “Instead of racing…

  1. Pocasi bylo opet luxusni a odpoledne lenivy, presne stvoreny pro povalovani v trave s pivem v ruce..skoda, ze to nevyslo, mohli jsme si letos zahrat bojovku..najdi zabehnuteho trpaslika 🙂 S tim behanim – nevim, ale mam to ted podobny, podle me to neni lenost, ale docasna “ztrata motivace” v kombinaci s unavou..a verim, ze zas zmizi a budem vybihat s chuti.

  2. hub zas bylo jako po dešti..tentokrát jsem odolala pokušení je sebrat. snad vydrží růst ještě tejden!

  3. plustenner on said:

    chia seeds are my favourite thing! I put it in my drink when I go running (they swell up) in my breakfast, in my yoghurt.. hope you like it too!

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