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Silly Season

Half way July, half way the summer – nothing to write about and not much motivation to run either.
After a rather busy June, July found me a bit more laid back, at least when it comes to running. I have finally decided to add some hill work (not just stairs) and so the mileage only increases very slowly – although I have to admit the ‘free’ miles on the way down are highly addictive. I have crossed the 1000 km mark since the beginning of 2014, however, ending up at 2000 km in December is going to be tougher than I thought.
I know slacking is not an option but with the kids, work, travels and all kinds of other activities I start feeling rather tired. The funny thing is that skipping running does not help with this tiredness. Maybe it is just a state of mind? Better to park my thoughts till the heat wave passes and focus on surviving. It is the Silly Season after all.

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8 thoughts on “Silly Season

  1. …vždycky se tady přiučím nějaké nové slovíčko…třeba ‘okurková sezóna’ … jen kdyby to v tý hlavě zůstalo…:-) …tak to nějak přejiž a 2000 km do konce roku je dobrá výzva, ne ? …a výzvy potřebujeme….

  2. to vis, ze je poskladas. kdyz ne do dalky, tak do vysky 🙂

  3. Tak co si naplánovat nějaký hezoučký závod? Aby byla motivace?

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