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JUD30 – I made it (again)

So we made it to the last day, well done everybody,… and as always during this love-hate relationship that I have with the Athons, I will miss it. I will miss being in the middle of the challenge, I will miss the evenings that I had to push myself to go running, I will miss the lack of inspiration to write down at least a one liner for my blog. Luckily, I can already look forward to January 2015!

In June, I exercised for 30 consecutive days. I climbed  2000 vertical meters on the staircase and ran 151 km. I managed to maintain a reasonable diet with regular breakfasts, no bread, limited amount of sweets and coffee and not more than a couple of glasses of wine/beer during the entire month. I think I lost 5 kg or so – but what’s more important, I regained some of my better eating habits.

I participated in one running race which also happened to be the longest run of my life (so far). And I spent a lot of time with my girls :-).

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8 thoughts on “JUD30 – I made it (again)

  1. …no pěkně jsi to dala, taky bych potřeboval shodit 5 kg 🙂

  2. Jé, konečně zase po dlouhý době vidím holčičky, byť zezadu 😀 A o tom, že to zvládneš a vydržíš a dodržíš a vůbec, o tom přeci nikdo nepochyboval, to bylo jasný od začátku! 🙂 Gratulace k pěti kilům!! (ty moje lezou dolů nechutně pomaaaluuuu, ble)

  3. Liska on said:

    dobrej souhrn! je videt, ze i cerven muze bejt peknej mesic.

  4. plustenner on said:

    how cute are they in their little coats xxx

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