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JUD24-26 Running up the hills

When it comes to blogging, I am obviously slacking. Two years ago I wouldn’t have thought that running and exercising become easier than writing and look at me now – empty headed I run my miles and when back at home, there is no inspiration for a blog post. So here I am, stealing other people’s thoughts yet again (Lazy Runner’s blog)…

How to cope on a hilly run:

1. Look ahead to 50 metres in front – Easy. Spotted a dead mole yesterday.
2. Take shorter steps – I am taking them on flat course as well.
3. Maintain Correct Posture – Ehm, next!
4. Positive Talk – You love that hill! – Do I?
5. Train on Hills – Yes, mother!
6. Use the downhill as recovery – How do I explain this to my quadriceps?
7. When you want to walk..don’t…Push through -Easy peasy.
8. If you have to walk, only one minute and then run again – Or what?


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4 thoughts on “JUD24-26 Running up the hills

  1. Chris Dahl on said:

    your slacking post reminded me about my slacking. so I caught up. many thanks!

  2. plustenner on said:

    I feel exactly the same about hills!

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