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JUD22-23 New challenge

In the hours (and days) following to our race in Salzburg, my muscles went from “I am feeling totally ok” through “my right leg hurts a little” to “ouch, I cannot walk the stairs”. In other words, all fine here.

As the previous challenge (650 km in about  4 months) has ended (we didn’t quite make it due to circumstances…), it is time for another one – and it starts today: Till the end of August, we should climb Matterhorn. This does not necessarily mean to travel to Zermatt (well, D. will go there, anyway) and buy ourselves crampons. The idea simply is to log 4478 height meters in 10 weeks.


Trail running, staircases, walking the hills – all is allowed, as long as the total comes to the magical altitude of this magical Alpine peak.

June 22: 6.2 km running, 3 km walking, spa
June 23: 15 x stairs

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4 thoughts on “JUD22-23 New challenge

  1. plustenner on said:

    I like it!

  2. Feeling familiar?

  3. Liska on said:

    a po čtyrech liška taky může? tak jdem na to 🙂

  4. No jo, uz jo… Zase tu skacu po schodech, aspon si to ted umis lip predstavit.

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