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JUD18 – Tapering


“In the context of sports, tapering refers to the practice of reducing exercise in the days just before an important competition. Tapering is customary in many endurance sports, such as the marathon, athletics and swimming. For many athletes, a significant period of tapering is essential for optimal performance. The tapering period frequently lasts as much as a week or more.”

Does this sound familiar?
taperingStill, one has to continue Juneathoning so there are some short easy runs and of course the staircase…

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6 thoughts on “JUD18 – Tapering

  1. Chris Dahl on said:

    perfect picture!

  2. Haha, do you happen to know any cranky (or irrational or moody) runner?

  3. plustenner on said:

    and also the taper-itis where every little niggle can potentially be a torn muscle ot pneumonia!

  4. Good Luck! I am sure it will be a great run and you will enjoy it! cheers, 12:)

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