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JUD02 – Stairway to… heaven?

Well, not quite. But it is good to know that there is an alternative solution for dark and rainy days (and nights) or for the days when I simply cannot leave the kids alone: 16 steps totaling 285 vertical centimeters. Running them up 35 times brings me to 100 vertical meters. Managed 70 times today, so +200/-200 m.
Other than that, for the past two days, there was hardly any coffee, no alcohol, and almost all FRESH food. I know this is just a short start but am happy regardless.

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6 thoughts on “JUD02 – Stairway to… heaven?

  1. mitchyinge on said:

    impressive and creative 🙂

  2. :).. smekam..
    You damn good!! Cheers, 12:)

  3. Liska on said:

    Vsichni koukam nastavujou, du taky najit schody/kopec. Dik za motivaci!

  4. Jdi, hledej a nalezej! Nezapominej ale na to, ze ja jsem udolni prizdis*ac… a tocim se na tom schodisti v podstate jenom z nedostatku moznosti vypadnout ven 🙂

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