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JUD01 – A different challenge

It is this time of the year again, June. For the past 2 years, January and June didn’t merely represent summer and winter, they were the Athon months. After completing 2 Janathons and 2 Juneathons in the past, I know that I can run for 30 consecutive days (Juneathon 2012, Janathon 2014) so this June it was a bit of a struggle to find a challenge strong enough to keep me going. I was brainstorming with V for a while and then it hit me: my June challenge for 2014 is to focus on my nutrition and exercise.

Nutrition? What the f*ck is she talking about? Well, I am not as sophisticated as I may sound. I simply need to find a little enough time to force myself to eat regularly and healthy (or at least healthier). I need to re-introduce proper breakfasts, cut down number of coffee cups/mugs and fight the evening chocolate/chips cravings. In 2011/2012, merely sticking to these simple rules, in combination with running, was enough to shed an awful lot of weight. The girls are over one year now – how long do I expect to use pregnancy as an excuse?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not into dieting, not anymore. I truly believe in the combination of regular (and diverse) caloric income and outcome. Dinner should not mean vacuum cleaning the rests from the girls’ plates at 6 pm and adding a bag of chips at 10 pm. I am tired of that.

And when it comes to exercise? Boring, annoying, static, without visible results… All true in my mind today but hopefully not after 30 days when the pattern should start to change.

The thing is, for me, it is easier to run 10 km and return home tired but happy as the ‘results’ of my hard work are immediately visible (represented by the sweat drops). Exercise on the other hand is something seemingly too easy to bring results. But that is about to change in June. Happy Juneathoning!


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6 thoughts on “JUD01 – A different challenge

  1. Chris Dahl on said:

    Yes! Sooooo. what’s the goal?

  2. Hi there! The goal this time is not quantifiable. I want to start exercising and to focus on what and when I eat and remain aware of it the whole month. Believe me, that is much harder than daily mileage for me :-). Whenever time allows I will run of course as I do in other months :-).

  3. Good luck! I agree – getting that combination right (and consistently so) is very tricky!

  4. Držím všechny palce, určitě to půjde a to tak, že parádně!!

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