April Runs

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When it comes to running, March was lousy. 123 km (compared to 200+ in January) is nothing to write home about… But at least in the long run, I crossed an important line: 3000 km since my first Janathon.

When I started running in January 2012, little did I know that this ‘temporary’ activity would last this long. That it would last during my pregnancy all the way to the seventh month. That I would be craving it in the ninth month. That it would come back to me just weeks after delivery. That the running bug would get me with its endorphin, the virtual and real life friendships and more…

But here we are, 3000 km further. I am still on the road and even though I am not faster or slimmer and I am not sure where will it bring me, I am already a better person… thanks to running.

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8 thoughts on “3030

  1. Richard on said:

    …ano, občas je potřeba bilancovat … a podívat se zpětně jak jsme začínali a nevěděli jak to skončí … nebo spíš jak to bude pokračovat 🙂 … měj se fajn a ať ti to běhá ! RS

  2. Leona on said:

    A dál a dál, pořád za nosem…. Máme super koníčka na stará kolena, to je pravda. A jako bonus – všichni jsme se díky tomu potkali

  3. 🙂 … doufam, ze se dockam, az tam pribude 3 na konci..:)
    Drzim palce.. Je obdivuhodne, jak jsi jdes.. co jdes.. bezis za tim svym..:)
    MSF! 12:)

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