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Janathon ended but what happened next?

A week after, here is some stats of the 2014 Janathon:

I ran 211 km in 30 consecutive runs in 3 different countries. The temperatures oscilated between -10 to +30 Celsius. Most of my runs were outside but I lived through one week of the treadmill torture as well. My longest run was a 1/2M and it went well. I also counted some rather short ones (3 km being the worst) but those were mainly due to time constrains. Physically, no problems what so ever. No, I am nowhere near my ideal weight yet but funny enough, my knee is holding well and so are all other body parts :-).

My deep apology to all Janathoners whose blogs I did not visit quite as frequently as I am used to. I hardly had enough time to note my own runs, let alone to write daily blog reports. Somehow, I think you will forgive me.

And last but not least, my big THANK YOU to my beautiful girls and to all my friends who supported me throughout the lonely runs…
the end

Now a couple of days into February, my running mode is a bit more relaxed (I had a three day break from running!) but there are still interesting plans to discover some new routes later this week and there might be a surprise waiting for me in March as well.

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5 thoughts on “Janathon ended but what happened next?

  1. plustenner on said:

    wow!!!! amazing mileage!! well done to you xxx

  2. Hustá kilometráž! Jen tak dál a ten maratonek si letos rozhodně v pohodě odběhneš!

  3. Ha! kombinace slov ‘maratonek’ (zdrobnele!) a ‘v pohode’ u myho jmena? No este to proberem…

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