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Janathon Part III.

I successfully survived 20 days of Janathon, finished off with my own private Idaho half marathon and here I am, still in Cyprus, entering the last third. I tend to run early in the morning now. It is light, not too warm and I feel rather fresh. Surprisingly fresh I should say, considering the long working hours and growing mileage 🙂


Update: Finishing the third part of Janathon by a midnight double run (counts for 2 days 🙂 with 60.8 km:

Day 30/31: 5.8 km
Day 29: 4.8 km
Day 28: 4.2 km
Day 27: 3 km (!)
Day 26: 10 km
Day 25: 8.2 km
Day 24: 6.1 km
Day 23: 7.1 km
Day 22: 4.5 km
Day 21: 7.1 km

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6 thoughts on “Janathon Part III.

  1. Tak teploučko bych si taky dala líbit … i když možná spíš to sluníčko. Tady je pořád jak pod dekou. Tak si to užívej a běhej 🙂

  2. Rozkaz, provedu :-). Nic moc jinyho se tady delat neda…

  3. Potlesk z aktuálně sněhem zasypané Prahy, jsi dobrá!!

  4. Jeeee, v Praze nasnezilo???? To mas za odmenu, ze se vlacis s brichem. Predpokladam, ze jsi nekde na stezce u prehrady!

  5. Woohoo – keep going!

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