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Janathon 2014 – Part I.

It has become somewhat of a tradition to enter the Athon participation list. This is going to be my 4th Athon (after Janathon 2012, Juneathon 2012 and Juneathon 2013). This time, however, I am not a total running greenhorn anymore, nor am I injured, pregnant or merely out of the delivery room. This time, there are no excuses but to RUN…. hence I am finishing the first third of Janathon with 66.9 km’s:

Day 10: 7 km city run
Day 9: 6.5 km city/beach trail
Day 8: 8.1 km city run
Day 7: 7.5 km city run
Day 6: 7.5 km city trail
Day 5: 5.4 km city run
Day 4: 6 km city run; 3 km walk
Day 3: 6.3 km city run
Day 2: 5.4 km city run; 5 km bike
Day 1: 7.2 km stroller run; 3 km beach walk
never give up

Given the circumstances (two beautiful soon-to-be-one-year-old daughters, moving to a new country, lots of work,…), I am happy with my running. What I am NOT happy with is the lack of time to blog and to read other bloggers’ posts. Definitely something to improve!

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14 thoughts on “Janathon 2014 – Part I.

  1. plustenner on said:

    Good start x

  2. Great! Crossing my fingers.. Enjoy it!!! Cheers, 12:)

  3. I sense much determination and focus in the post! Go girl go!

  4. Tough woman 🙂 Great beginning of the year and great inspiration for me!

  5. Chris Dahl on said:

    that many years already?!

  6. Very nice start, so far just the treadmill for me… can’t wait for the weekend as there’s not really any good pictures you can take inside a conservatory! Can’t wait to share the adventures this month 🙂 x

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