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2013 at its end…

It was an excellent year, my first year as a mother and my second running year. E was born in March and little by little I picked up exercising (May) and running (June) to end up at these figures: I ran 971 km, walked 479 km, biked 289 km. No skiing or ice skating this year :-(. I went out there to exercise 265 times, spending the total of 254 hours.

In June, I exercised for 30 consecutive days (Juneathon). My longest run in 2013 was 20 km. My BEST running kilometers were the 55 km with E in the baby stroller. I registered for 2 races, both 10 km: in Leiden in May, just 2 months or so after E was born and then in September in Plasy. No PB’s but great time!

In 2014, I will try to run longer distances and do more baby-running. The year will start with Janathon again and I have registered for two races in June. Time enough to talk myself out of them…. or to train hard to dare to come to the start line.

Last but not least: This all would never be possible without the endless support of my family. Girls, thank you so much! You have been my inspiration and motivation to go out there and fight my own laziness, I owe you! 


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4 thoughts on “2013 at its end…

  1. Moc pekny! I presto, ze te nemluvnata nenechala vyspat, jsi ubehla poradnej kus Cesty. Preju do dalsiho roku, at ti ta chut a odolnost vydrzi a dobehnes este dal, at uz s kocarem nebo bez nej. Hlavne s radosti.

  2. plustenner on said:

    Good luck xx

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