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Tough as a Sheep

Yes, that is what I want to be. But not just any sheep that freezes to death once winter sets in. I want to be as tough as a merino, the daring sheep breed surviving on the cold steep slopes of the Southern Alps in New Zealand.
But before I become this tough, at least I want to experience the feeling of merino wool on my hands…

After two evening runs earlier this week, both times I returned home with half frostbitten fingers. You see, I don’t like running with thick gloves (there comes one of my old biathlon habits again). V. did not want to witness that anymore so she ordered Santa (or baby Jesus?) to come to bring me a present a bit earlier than usually. She couldn’t have thought of anything better: As of today, I am the proud owner of Icebreaker’s 200 g/m2 Merino Wool Glove Liner.

I tested them immediately (6 km in minus seven degrees, my iPod freezing after 2 km’s): Thank you, Santa, the gloves are perfect! I don’t usually get excited by any special gear other than good running shoes but honestly, gloves this warm and thin at the same time ARE doing the trick. To me, discovering merino equals the GoreTex ‘aha’ moment ad I am one seriously happy camper tonight.



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9 thoughts on “Tough as a Sheep

  1. Thanks! I am always frozen.. Now I know I have bad gloves! What a great idea.. I am writing to Santa.. now!:)..
    Keeping my fingers crossed.. Cheers, 12:)

    • Honestly, it is a true eye opener for me. V. already has a long sleeve shirt made of merino and she practically lives in it this winter :-). The amazing thing is also that such a shirt never smells, no matter how much you sweat. Really good stuff!

  2. Chris Dahl on said:

    Now I have glove lust. Thank you.

  3. plustenner on said:

    brilliant! 🙂

  4. Á, tady se ježilo s předstihem! 😉 Hezký…

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