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Cyprus revisited

Business trips are boring or may be I am just getting old… hotels, flights, meetings, long working hours – instead of my family, my own bed, my running routine. This past week brought me to Limassol  and as I had nothing to do on early mornings (no babies fully awake at five o’clock)  and late evenings (no babies fully awake at midnight), I ran. My foot is still hurting but little by little it is getting better. Funny enough running hurts less than walking.

I have been flying down to Limassol frequently and have witnessed how the city has changed during the past 10 years or so. The municipality has invested a lot in making the down town area much more attractive to tourists. Along the Coastal Road, all the way between the Old Port and the Tourist Area, there is a biking path with bike rental spots: for a couple of euros a day one can grab a bike out of one of the automatically locked bike holders (they open up upon deducting the payment form your credit card) and go – and when you are done, just lock the bike elsewhere in town again.

Also, there is a renewed board walk between the river mouth and the Old Port and it is even enlightened. The first morning I went there it was rather busy with all the pensionado’s doing their early-morning-before-breakfast walking but other than that, it is a good bit to run that stretches over several miles – one can watch the sun arising from the ocean and that always is a good sight.

The one thing that you have to be really careful about is the driving on the left. As some of you already know, I got hit by a car cutting left as I was crossing the street on a pedestrian cross. People here are not accustomed to joggers. Other than that, Cyprus in October is sunny and warm, the sea is full of swimmers, wine is good and the sphere relaxed…

45 km in 6 days.


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6 thoughts on “Cyprus revisited

  1. Ac pracovni a mraky starosti, zda se, ze to byla prijemna zmena. Aspon podle fotek. Moc hezky to tam je..hlavne ten vychod slunce.

  2. Marcela on said:

    I když bez rodiny, zase sis to užila trochu jinak..A krásný kilometry

  3. Pěkně!! Já za stejnou dobu dala desítku… desítku!! Takže jsi čtyř a kousek násobně větší borka a to se počítá! 🙂 (a V. by měla za přežití zubů dostat medaili, respect!)

    • No taky jsem se zrubala jak zakon kaze – skvara a strupy na lokti, pochroumany rameno, zatuhly koleno,… V. mi na medaili kasle, haha – hlavne at priste sedim doma!

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