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Before the winter starts

After I picked up my running this summer, August surprised me with great mileage and September was not bad either. Throughout those two months I managed to run 30-40 km per week while in  September I also added some hills and lots of walking/hiking. All in all, I am really happy with what I achieved but I also feel very tired – both physically and mentally.

There is a new feeling I am experiencing when departing from home into the darkness these days: I feel guilty for not being with the kids (mornings) or V (evenings). Not that I ever hear any negative comments from any of them, quite the contrary, V is being very supportive of my running, but still…

Also, my motivation is hiding a bit. Maybe this is the moment to insert a short break and shake off the feelings of guilt. This coming weekend we are going to Munchen to celebrate my friend’s birthday and of course to grab a beer or too at the Oktoberfest. For the first time in almost 2 years I consider a deliberate break: a week or so without running. No illness, no injury, it is just that maybe that is what I need to regain focus and motivation. The scary part for me is that I am just looking for excuses and that a week break can easily turn into a month break and… there you go.

So should I stay away from the running paths for more than several days, please do come to kick me out of my bed, all of you.


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4 thoughts on “Before the winter starts

  1. Jak je libo, klacku mame v Prokopaku dost. Uzij Oktoberfest a jestli pri tom budes mit pocit viny, ze nebehas, vymlatim to z tebe taky.

  2. Prosím tě, po pěti dnech už tě budou tak svrbět nohy, že šestý vyběhneš a poletíš po té pauze jako pták Velikán Velikánovič, se vsaď!

    • Jitko, patej den nastal dnes a na ptaka Velikana Velikanovice to nevypada. Jely jsme noci domu z Oktoberfestu a nohy me momentalne donesou tak maximalne k detskejm postylkam…

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