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Plesivec: scalping the bald hill

Immediately after my baroque adventure I decided to spice my running up with some hill work. To get things straight: I am not a mountain goat and I won’t become one. Besides, there are NO HILLS WHATSOEVER where I live but using an opportunity every now and then cannot hurt, can it?

The top of Plesivec, a mighty Brdy hill, is 654 m above the see level. I have known this for almost 40 years now since our summer cottage is located at the bottom. I have climbed it as a child numerous times, I have geocached around the top repeatedly… but I have never been running it up. And since there is a first time for everything, last Sunday (yes, day 1 after Baroque) I got up at 5.30 am and off I went…

Naive? Yes! Daring? Yes! Beautiful? You bet!

(Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures – blame the hill or my mobile phone manufacturer or Carl Zeiss but don’t blame me).

(And for you guys in the blue tent on the top – sorry for disturbing your early morning tantric s*x session, I only stopped for a minute or two and ran down again. Now I know why they call the rocks on the top The Devil’s Altar).


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10 thoughts on “Plesivec: scalping the bald hill

  1. 🙂 … you keep me motivated!
    Great idea.. and .. thanks! 12:)

  2. R. je kaziš*k! 🙂 (sorry, ta poslední věta mě málem stála život – fakt musím přestat s jídlem při čtení :-D) A super! Kopec není žrádlo, kopec je kámoš! Muselo to být nádherný.

    • Trochu jsem se sice upejpala, ale zase nehrabnout na vrsku drapem na tramek, co je na nem pritlucena budka s vrcholovou knihou, to bych mela kocovinu z nedokonceny prace este ted…

  3. Za prekonani prekazek a pokoreni hory..100 bodu!

  4. jo kopce, to je koření, to víme všichni :oD

  5. amazing pics as always – the scenery in your area is just fantastic, thank you so much for sharing it.

    • Funny how I never considered that hill to be something to run at… in my (childhood) memories it was a place to walk, pick mushrooms, build shelters, play – and now it turns out to be a perfect training area for trail running.

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