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Thank you for my August 100M

My dear reader will excuse me for using the ultra-terminology in the title of today’s blog post but I simply cannot help it. After the pitiful mileage of the past months, in August I was suddenly offered a tremendous window of opportunity: I could go running 5 times a week! This resulted in a bit of a sleep deprivation (but I have suffered from this already), several logistical hiccups and… a beautiful total of 164 km!
Foto0117As many good things in life, I couldn’t have done this alone. This is my thank you to everybody who helped me to get out and run almost every day, often at impossible times:

V, for always being there for me.
E+S, for making me wanna be a better person.
I, for being out there, virtually.
L, for inventing the Summer Challenge.
All other runners and bloggers, for loving running.

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7 thoughts on “Thank you for my August 100M

  1. Woo hoo! Great total!

  2. Kdybych si psala blog, vypadne ze me v techhle dnech podobnej zapis. Jsi skvela, moc ti fandim, drzim pesti, obdivuju.. Ta podpora funguje obousmerne a je to pro me dulezitej rozmer behani i byti.

  3. Super!!! A jsi hvězda – za srpenec jsme naběhaly hodně podobný objem!

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