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My virtual co-runner

Although between our houses there is a 1000 km gap, we run together quite often. Making an appointment with her is so easy that I almost never refuse to go, even though it involves early morning getting up. The only thing we need is the itch to put on the running shoes and start.

How does it work? Before each run, we agree on time, music selection and running course – while I lead her through the cycling paths around Leiden, she shows me her own surroundings in and around Prague. So today, this is where we were (well, me only virtually):

Of course, after each mutual run there is time to chat and enjoy a drink or too… It seems like we are bringing RunningFreeOnline and DailyMile to the next level. Thanks, Iva!

10.1 km to the harbour

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4 thoughts on “My virtual co-runner

  1. Nebyt tebe, neobjevim krasy ranniho behu, kdy se vsechno probouzi a clovek ma cely udoli jen pro sebe. Pekne se mi s tebou beha. Diky!

  2. holky, jde vam to uzasne! drzte se! :o)

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