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Run faster, mama!

This morning I woke up at 5 and did not want to sleep again. Mama woke up as well (somehow she always does when I start crying) and fed me and then we went downstairs to play a little. I think I fell asleep again because next thing I remember was mama in her running gear fastening me in a car seat. Well, at least I thought it was a car seat but it turned out to be a COOL stroller – not the regular one where I have to lie down with Sophie next to me. This was a single-baby one, red and shiny and it had huuuuuge wheels.Foto0052 The best part was that I could sit in it – well, my head was still resting at the back as I was reclining a bit but as we were moving, I could look out and watch everything around us.

First we walked down the street to get accustomed to the stroller and to see if I was comfy and how the breaks work etc. Once we reached the waterside, mama checked I was all set (which I was, no worries, mum) and started running. And that was great: so many things passing by so fast. The fishermen along the river, all smiling at us, the cyclists and joggers opposite us, geese and ducks and also sheep at ‘mama’s road’.Foto0050The best part was when mama let me go: you see this stroller rolls so easy that she can give it a push and it goes faster than she does and then she has to do her best to catch us again… And so we went on and on passing kilometer after kilometer, alongside nice and smooth biking paths with sheep, cows and goats to watch. I loved it so I smiled all the time!

After 4 km mama made a short break – it looked like she couldn’t catch her breath – and checked if I was still comfortable which I was. But she said it was enough for the first time and it was time to head home again. Fine by me – as long as we do this cool stroller running again.Foto0059 So all together we ran 6 km in about 38 minutes and I think we will be training some more together as I love running. Emma.

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7 thoughts on “Run faster, mama!

  1. plustenner on said:

    very cool stroller Emma x

  2. Thanks. I will have to let Sophie use it as well, though, once she is at least 5 months like me…

  3. Emmo, mas hustou mamu! Konecne poradny vyjzdky, zadny nudny cuceni do stropu kocaru. Vsechno ted bude zajimavy a taky rychly..poradne to cestou sleduj a pak doma koukej spat, jinak te mama priste necha doma a to bys o hodne prisla!
    Perfektni crosstraining, mamo.

  4. Hahá! Počátek leotpočtu je KONEČNĚ tady. Teď už to půjde (skoro) samo ;-). Emmuško, máš krásnou káru, ale dej na tetu, v pět se nevstává, v pět ještě všichni spinkaj, včetně ultracoolkočárků a maminek (i těch běhacích) a být vzhůru sám je pekelná nuda. Takže uděláme deal: aspoň do šesti a mamka se pak vybičuje, zají ten moribundus nějakými prášky a hezky tě v tom tvým pimped ridu aspoň pětkrát týdně povozí 😉 Platí?

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