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Morning runs and Hortus

Back from Austria and Czech republic, we are slowly returning to the ,normal’ rhythm. Despite my original plans, July did not see me running more than 80 km and there was hardly any weight loss. The good thing is I feel I am getting stronger and what’s most important, the children are doing great. Now that their sleeping habits improved A LOT, I often have time to run after 8 pm and/or before 7 am. Hitting the 100 km mark in August therefore must be doable. Here some pictures from my Saturday (9 km) and Sunday (12 km) morning runs:Foto0029
Foto0031And because one should do more in life than running, here pictures from our Sunday afternoon in Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world (and certainly the oldest one in NL).


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9 thoughts on “Morning runs and Hortus

  1. Athena on said:

    Such beautiful photos. Enjoy the summer. Chris

  2. Thanks – I finally bought a new telephone hence the photo’s. Enjoy your Scandinavian hike!

  3. plustenner on said:

    good photos!

  4. It must be superb to run there!!!:)
    Nice photos! 12:)

  5. To zvládneš!! Zlepšení spánku je skvělá zpráva, závidím a držím palce, aby to bylo ještě lepší!

    • Spanek se nam ted opravdu skokem zlepsil. Nechci ti sypat sul do rany, ale co rikas treba na 8 hodin v kuse, obe deti? Nevim, jestli to zvladnu, ale snazim se (po vzoru: jsem nesmely, ale lecim se…).

      • Au, ta závist mě jednou sežere 😉 Bane, kdepak – stejně bych neměnila, dvě děti, byť spící, jsou prostě jiná liga… to ještě nespat a přežít (a běhat a pracovat a fungovat), to bych vám do Plasů fakt přivezla kulatý sušenky 😉

  6. Privez lazensky cokoladovy, ty miluju :-).

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