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Looking for housing during Zell am See Ironman?

No, I am not a triathlete (I did survive one short race though, back in the nineties, at Konopiste castle) and I do not intend to become one. The reason is I cannot swim. Well, technically, I can but my swimming style and abilities are comparable to the desperate situation of a person who wants to become a writer while his only qualification is the elementary school graduation…ironman kaprun zell am seeNevertheless, I like the atmosphere of racing and as the 70.3 Salzburg Ironman is getting closer and closer (September 1), this is my attempt for a commercial announcement: we have still some accommodation available in Piesendorf, a village about 6 km from Zell am See, a village that is actually on the road map of this year’s cycling leg of the Ironman race.

So whether you want to compete (mind you, the main race has been sold out already) or just come by to enrich the crowd, check our website Apartments Piesendorf.

Of course feel free to check it for skiing, hiking, biking or golfing holiday as well.

And yes, my regular readers can expect a friendly discount :-).

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2 thoughts on “Looking for housing during Zell am See Ironman?

  1. 12honzade on said:

    Will be coming again to Zell am See.. I can resits..:).. It’s so beautiful! But likely next year..
    Simply.. because.. Running Shadows is in the town!!!:).. So I cancel all of my family vacation! If you have a great friend …there is nothing to compare with.. nothing to substitute with.. basically when he is in the town you stay.. you cancel all other things (including vacation) and you have a great time!!! 🙂 12:)

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