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JD19: Evening beach trip

Even though the title sounds promising, it was yet another uneventful bike ride.190620131752I went to Katwijk, all together some 23 km with lots of flies and other insects attacking me on my way. I did spot some ‘art’:190620131747

190620131753 And once at the beach, the sight was of course stunning:190620131749

190620131748But that is really all there is to say about it. I notice I am getting tired by the ‘at-least-one-hour-of-exercise-per-day’ routine. Especially the sleep deprivation kicks in.

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4 thoughts on “JD19: Evening beach trip

  1. Vy tam mate umelecky skvosty..A za sebou 2/3 J. Jsi drzak!

  2. Hallo stranger! You’re doing fantastic, don’t let that sleep deprivation beat you.
    Hope you been well, I don’t have your email address anymore? Wanted to share some wedding photos with you 🙂 Speak soon xx

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