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JD11: What hurts more?

After publishing the sad statistics after 10 days of Juneathoning (not more than pathetic 21 running kilometers filled up by some biking and walking) I couldn’t decide what hurts more: my knee or the fact that I cannot run?090620131707So this is how I solved it: 7 km while visiting ‘my road‘…


110620131721My knee still hurts, it slows me down significantly but I am running! Of course I am careful, I adjust the pace to the fact that one leg does not function as it should but at the same time, I feel so much better than yesterday! As the matter of fact, I even registered myself for a race in autumn: 10K in Plasy (Baroko Marathon).

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4 thoughts on “JD11: What hurts more?

  1. Athena on said:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Not being able to run is depressing!

  2. The bunny-suited mojo courier will be with you first thing tomorrow morning 🙂

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