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JD10: Big people

Yet another evening bike trip, marking one third of this year’s Juneathon.090620131706

As I was trying to avoid the insects getting into my mouth all the time, I stayed around the city. During that biking hour, I came across these:090620131715


What is this thing about huge people?

My Juneathon statistics after 10 days:

Run: 21.5 km

Walk: 22 km

Bike: 109 km

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6 thoughts on “JD10: Big people

  1. Renca on said:

    Jsi skvělá! Zvládáš to výborně, fakt mě to baví sledovat a fandím ti 🙂 Taky super fotky … už se těším na naši dovču, jedeme tam k vám na 10 dní na kola 🙂

    • Nejvetsim limitujicim faktorem kupodivu neni tentokrat moje lenost, vlastne ani to koleno ne – ale cas. Kde ho vzit? Jedete do NL na dovolenou? A kam presne a kdy? Nepotrebujete neco poradit, zaridit, prelozit? Napis mi svuj email – i kvuli fotkam deti, poslu ti odkaz a heslo :-).

  2. plustenner on said:

    your weather certainly looks better than ours!

  3. It’s to make fun of people who turn fifty, it’s their Sarah/Abraham.

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