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JD7: Being useful

So far I managed to sneak out of our house every evening. The kids don’t notice my absence but aren’t I pushing it when leaving V behind, all alone with them? Time to adjust my strategy and actually combine the pleasure of Juneathoning with being useful.070620131703So tonight, I jumped on my black horse (=bike) and rode to Lisserbroek, a village about 13 km away from us. Why would I do it? To bring this beauty home:babybadjeThe result was rather impressive: Two hours outdoors, 33 km for Juneathon and happy babies!

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4 thoughts on “JD7: Being useful

  1. 2 mouchy jednou ranou. Nadhera. Preju hodne slunce, at se muzete cachtat.

  2. Jé, krásný bazének! 🙂 A jsi fakt dobrá!! Tímhle tempem ten maraton na podzim za čtyři bude, jen počkej!

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