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JD5: Fat bottom girls…

It took a short moment to figure out how to substitute my running. Not that one can EVER substitute running fully but I have to remain positive, on this 5th day of Juneathon…020620131671 Luckily this is Holland, the land of free bikes. Even after we moved our beautiful light yet heavy duty mountain bikes to Piesendorf, we still have this one in the shed:

050620131694I bought it last year and started to pimp it up so that once the girls can sit, I would add 2 child seats to be able to travel them around Leiden. Well, it looks like I can use it now already. The derailleur is constantly set to the heaviest gear so the 16 km today was quite a challenge :-). The good news is my knee does not hurt when biking.

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6 thoughts on “JD5: Fat bottom girls…

  1. Phew thank goodness for that – cycling is still a great activity for fitness. Well done.

    • Cycling is fine but a bit boring I think… I try to make it better by picking up useful destination (bank, grocery store, post office etc). Good to read you are exercising while commuting!

  2. Renča on said:

    Super, že jsi našla alternativu. Je fajn sledovat tvůj JD 🙂 Třeba ještě vyběhneš …

    • Jo, jo, neco delat musim. Mame doma domluveno, ze zkusime kazda hodinku denne pro sebe, snad to nejak pujde. Jinak prosim sleduj, kritizuj a hlavne postuchuj. Ja mam tendence lenivet, takze se do me klidne obuj!

  3. Muzes mi prosim pekne vysvetlit, jak se da ve tvem kojicim, brecicim a nespicim kolotoci lenivet? Ze tys pochytila manyry od 12:)? Jeden by se strhnul, ale pochvalit se nenecha..Drz se 🙂

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